Miniature Planets...
is a three-piece rock group from Ogden, UT. The band was formed in late 2015 in a grungy warehouse behind a mailroom. The band cranked out their first EP release 'MP ONE' and hit the streets with hand-made CD's to sling for $5. "I think we sold around 100 of them," says Ian, "but I did find one in a trash can on 25th street, so... basically we are the best." All joking aside, the band went on to record their debut, 13-track album [Panorama] shortly after releasing their first official single 'BaiLee's Song' earlier that year. The album opened up new opportunities for the group as fan-favorite tracks such as 'Wait' and 'Letters' took off in the local music scene.

"We are just stoked to be making music..." says Ian. "We could not have asked for better fans and a better city to be living in." Miniature Planets is currently writing and recording their sophomore full-length album 'Miniature Planets' aka 'MP TWO'; to be released in early 2019.
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Manager:  Kenneth Kinsler
Ian White
Vocals & Guitar
Michael Rose
Elijah White
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